A Stripper’s Guide to the Art of Seduction

Top tips on how to seduce anyone

Every woman dreams to be sexy and attractive in the eyes of the desired partner. But when you are making a living from the art of visual seduction, as strippers do, you have to take this game to a much higher level.

So, whether you are a shy girl or a natural temptress who conquers the hearts of men with one glance, you can benefit from the knowledge and strategies of one of the best seductresses of all times-Dita Von Teese. She knows how to tease, tantalize and seriously seduce anyone and these are her top tips for getting the art down.

Practice makes perfect

The most important part of seduction is simply…practice. If you want to become a true temptress, you are in a great position to achieve success if you practice seduction in your everyday life.

A Stripper’s Guide to the Art of SeductionSo, before you enter into the process of actual seduction, you have to first be clear with yourself what exactly you are going to do. ‘It’s like seducing yourself’ Dita explains in her book ‘Burlesque and the Art of the Teese’.

Seduction, like any art, takes time, effort and is achieved both through learning and experience.

Most of the times becoming a seductress doesn’t happen overnight-you would have to apply it to your daily routine to perfect it.

To achieve it, Dita advices that we should always surround ourselves with beautiful items and wear sexy underwear so that seduction becomes our second nature. Which brings us to the second rule

Try to be natural in everything you do

A true maestro of seduction knows that everything you do has to look like you didn’t try, you just are.

Top tips on how to seduce anyoneThe lingerie is one of these things. When you buy lingerie, don’t think what your dream partner or your audience will like, think of what you will like and feel best in.You must wear seductive lingerie every day and enjoy it and try feel comfortable in it.

This includes your roleplay attire-try to get used to it before you appear on stage or in front of a guy, so it doesn’t look like you are putting too much efforts into it.

If you want to become a true temptress, make your partner feel like this is part of your everyday magic and he is lucky to be there and experience it.

Non-verbal communication

The eyes have always been the most powerful tool of every seductress.

From the fierce look that arouses men’s most hidden desires to the innocent, dreamy gaze of a gentle romantic nature, the way you look at someone becomes the ultimate expression of your thoughts and feelings.

The art of seduction‘It’s enough to watch somebody for a minute and then to shyly move your glance in another direction. You should never be too obvious in your intentions though, but to just suggest that you might be interested.

‘The vibrations you are sending, will come back to you’, says Dita.

The eye contact is really important, she continues.

Make sure you look your partner in the eyes, even if he speaks about subjects that do not have sexual or romantic connotations. Innocent and seemingly accidental touches and a smile can also arouse desire in your partner. Never forget to smile and express positivity! A warm hearted, genuine smile can help you win even the coldest heart.

Having a sense of adventure

Strippers guide to the art of seductionWhen it comes to romance and seduction, having a sense of adventure and a sense of humor are your best tools to seduce without fear of failing.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and try to have some good time with your partner. Want to check if this strategy works?

Ask a man when you were the sexiest and he would most probably respond that it was at a time when you were completely free and laughing and having a good time.

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Author: Letty