The Secrets Soriety Striptease

Secrets Soriety putting the tease back in to stripping………………


Watch Burlesque and you will notice that there is little in the way of flesh, but plenty of tease.

Go to a Strip club and you will see little in the way of tease, but plenty in the way of flesh.

Strip Mag wonders, can there be a compromise between the two? Can there be strippers that are trained in burlesque but licensed to perform a fully nude strip… with just a hint of tease?

Secrets, London’s premier chain of strip clubs, might just have the answer …..

In Hammersmith’s head office venue, the dancers are putting to use their pole and tableside skills alongside classic striptease. Dressed in heels, black knee high stockings, mini skirt with white shirt and tie, it’s the new form of tease. Called The Secrets Soriety Striptease, it’s going down a storm in the Secrets venue.

Soriety3“We’re putting a new look on an old theme” Stephen Less – owner of the Secrets chain – reveals. “The girls are trained to present good old fashioned striptease, tantalising their client along the way with each stage of undress”. But unlike burlesque performers, the dance ends in a fully nude display.

We wonder…  why did Mr Less consider experimenting with striptease in to a club that is already at the forefront of the strip scene? Why risk shaking up the structure of something that clearly has the Secrets ingredient.

The Shocking History of striptease

“We pride ourselves on our good relationship with our customers, and aim to bring them the best in quality and entertainment – the result is a strip club that works, that brings quality stripping  to the client  and a satisfying, affordable end to a good night out”.

If the Secrets Soriety Striptease continues to grow in its success, can we expect to see it in other Secret venues?

“Why not?” Mr Less sits back, smiles. “Secrets are one big family, after all, and we like to think our dancers have the best training and give the best striptease out there”.

Secrets Soriety Striptease can be requested at the Hammersmith venue ………….62 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith W6 0LR


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