Picking the right strip club for you to make more money

Picking the right strip club to work is important. Management, clientele, house rules/system and staffing all impact how a venue can be and in this article we will go into how each of these areas can affect how much you can go home with at the end of a shift.

Strip clubs can vary hugely in style. There are some dancers that can maximise their earnings in absolutely any environment, but these are a rarity. One dancer can work one venue, be top earner and her friend struggle. They both work in a different club and the roles be completely reversed. Making money stripping is just as much state of mind as it is a formula for hustle. It is no secret that dancers struggle more if they are stressed, anxious, distracted or tired. Making money is about confidence. Clients pick up on it subconciously and nobody wants a dance with a girl who appears to not want to be there.

Management, house rules and staffing

The management style of a club impacts the atmosphere from the top, down. Clubs can be incredibly micromanaged. Managers check all details such as clothing and grooming, are very strict on club rules and will not allow any laziness or slacking. Some dancers thrive in this environment as they like having accountability. There is someone to answer to when they lack motivation so it ensures they always do their best. It can also mean that rules are being enforced and nobody is allowed to do more than anyone else. For more conservative dancers, this system can be a godsend.

On the other hand, some dancers absolutely hate being told what to do. Rather than taking the direction as something positive, they perceive it as controlling and unhelpful. This can very quickly breed resentment. Consequently, a negative mindset creates a negative outcome and these girls do not reach their potential, moneywise. There are many clubs that just collect their house fees and, after that, the dancers are given free rein. Many dancers thrive in this so it is important to consider these factors.

Clientele when picking the right strip club

All dancers have different personalities. Therefore, clientele can have a big impact on what works well for each girl. Some clubs are located in more affluent areas and attract more discerning patrons. Champagne clubs offer drinks commission and have more focus on hostessing. Some clubs focus on a party crowd, operating similar to normal nightclubs, with a lively atmosphere. Girls that are great conversationalists thrive in clubs with smaller numbers and quality, VIP customers. Some, like to bounce around in high energy environments picking up large numbers of smaller dances. Dancers can make money in each way with small differences on the final total. However, the two are, sometimes, not interchangeable for girls, so it helps to establish which option is the comfort zone.

Consider carefully to make the most money

These are all factors to consider when choosing your next club. When another dancer recommends a club, ask questions. Find out why she makes money there and what she likes and dislikes. Sometimes it can make it clear if it will, or won’t, work for you. Never make the mistakes of taking an opinion without finding out details. You could end up finding somewhere you love. Conversely, you could end up dodging a bullet, even if another girl loved it. Find reputable agents that can help guide you through the decision making process if you need help or pointers. It can really make the difference in your mental well-being, financial independence and happiness by picking the right strip club for you.



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Author: Rochelle

I am a UK based, owner of an international stripper recruitment agency called Showgirls International. I have over 10 years club experience worldwide. When I think I have seen it all, something proves me wrong and that is what keeps me on my toes and fascinated with the industry!