Strip club work in Australia

The Strip club industry in Australia is booming. With many new clubs popping up in different cities it makes you realise that the global economic crisis has not really affected the Australian Gentlemen’s Club customers at all.

The industry in Australia is very similar to those in other countries. The rules for dancers differ according to what state you are in so that private dance rules include touching in some states and no touching in others.
Thousands of girls do club tours of Australia all year round, following the busy times and major events such as The Super GP on the Gold Coast and The Grand Prix and Football Grand finals in Melbourne and Sydney.
There is a wide variety of places to work in, from dancing in the Gentlemen’s Clubs in the cities right through to working in clubs, pubs and hotels in mining towns where the clientele have a lot of money to burn.

These venues in the mining towns often include being paid a high hourly rate to work as a topless waitress or bar person, prior to going into the club to work the rest of the night on stage and in the private room. Apart from coming to Australia to dance, it is an amazing place to visit and very easy to travel around.
Australia now has an agreement with over 27 countries for the working holiday visa program. In order to be eligible for a working holiday visa you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and your country must be a participant.

This working holiday visa allows all participating countries to come in to Australia and work for up to 12 months or more with out any problems.

Girls from the following countries can get a 12 month working holiday visa for Australia

Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan,
Belgium, Ireland, Thailand,
Canada, Italy, Turkey,
Chile, Japan, United Kingdom,
China Malta, United States,
Cyprus, Netherlands,
Denmark, Norway,
Estonia, Singapore,
France, South Korea,
Germany, Sweden,

You will have a multiple re-entry visa, so you can come and go as many times as you like for the 12 months.

Dancers will need to apply for an Australian Business number and Australia Tax File number in order to work. Busama Entertainment is now arranging working tours of Australia and can assist with travel advice, assistance with accommodation, obtaining tax and business numbers, and recommend places to see while you are here. It is now coming in to our Summer time so it is a fantastic time to come, but if you cannot make it over here during summer, we will be organizing working tours all year round.

If this is of interest, you can contact Justin from Busama Entertainment
Ph: +61-415-329-139
Email: [email protected]

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