Stripper and dancer of the month Lolita

Lolita is a Brazilian beauty who has been stripping in London for around 5 years now and has established a big reputation for her stage shows and fantastic pole work.

She has been involved in several pole dancing competitions, has worked as a feature act at top clubs, and won the nationwide Loaded magazine “Showgirl of the year” competition in 2006.

Tyke How long have you been dancing and have you had any training ?.
Lolita. I have been dancing for 5 years, one of the first places I worked was the White Horse which had a pole so I originally took 2 pole dance lessons, I seemed to pick it up quite quickly and so after that I taught myself.

Tyke. How did you come to first start stripping ?
Lolita. When I first came to London I was working as a designer of jewellery in a shop but that closed down so I needed to earn money another way. I was living with a girl who was a dancer and she took me to the agency, luckily I only got good bookings and I really enjoyed the new job a lot-

Tyke. Was that in pubs ?
Lolita. Yes to begin with though I have worked at some clubs since then. The best strip pubs are good to work at as you get a lot of regulars and it makes for a very friendly atmosphere once you become known.
Tyke. What was your first night at work like ?
Lolita. It was at a pub to the west of London called the Olde Northwood, it was weird, I gave my first ever private dance to a guy there and was miles away from him!

Tyke. Do you combine stripping with anything else ?
Lolita. At the moment I am taking circus skills lessons involving ropes, hoops, trapeze etc. It fits in well with pole work as it needs strength and agility.

Tyke. What is the part of stripping you enjoy most ?
Lolita. I love to perform. I love doing stage shows especially if the place is full.
Tyke. Where can we see you perform ?
Lolita. These days I work a lot at Spearmint Rhino Tottenham Court Rd plus I still do some pubs like the Olde Northwood and Nags Head.

Tyke. Any plans for the future ?
Lolita. I would like to stop stripping but carry on performing.

Tyke. How could we book you ?
Lolita. Via [email protected]

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