Stripper Essentials: Those little things that make a big difference.

I always say you can always tell a dancer. To the trained eye, she sticks out like a sore thumb. She is the girl that looks like she crawled out in her pyjamas walking through the city as the bars and clubs start to fire up. All around, girls are dolled up with the latest trends and their contouring on point. Men looking for a conquest. Our plucky heroine will normally be opting for comfort over style and be dragging along the instant giveaway; the small, wheeled suitcase. This will facilitate her transformation from borderline homeless looking to goddess of the night. Now, what on earth is in that suitcase that could create such a miraculous transformation, I hear you ask? Well, in this article, I will go into those stripper essentials every dancer needs to cover any eventuality.

A Small Purse

There are the obvious things regarding dress that people think of with strippers. Sexy lingerie, a nice cocktail dress or a beautiful gown. One of the stripper essentials that is often overlooked is a purse. Different clubs have varying rules. Some don’t allow anything on the club floor in case girls are siphoning money. Some only allow clear wallets for similar reasons. For some clubs, a purse is a necessity because their system for logging dances can include poker chips, swipe cards or tokens. You can never go wrong with having a back up in your bag. Many times, you can find a girl emptying her make up case out for her friend to use because she didn’t know the system. Save yourself from having to carry around a tatty, free gift, ‘Clarins’ wash bag covered in eyeliner. Keep a small, transparent bag to cover for any rules.

Baby Wipes

Dancing is physical work, especially on certain nights. It also requires close contact. Baby wipes can fix a lot of things, from a clean up after a particularly vigorous stage show, to fixing make-up, to a freshen up of plastic dance shoes. They can make the difference between you feeling sweaty and gross and getting a second wind, ready to hit the floor and make money.


Shoe disasters do happen. They also always seem to happen at the worst possible moment, when you really need to be working. Luckily, the construction of stripper shoes means that very little can’t be quick fixed with superglue. In fact, sometimes it can be a long term fix especially if a sole comes lose or a strap breaks. Don’t be caught on the hop, literally. This one of the stripper essentials that can be an absolute life saver.

Talcum Powder

Another one of the stripper essentials that has a variety of uses. Tidying up greasy hair in place of dry shampoo, stopping shoes rubbing and absorbing sweat. A pretty cheap product that can help you keep looking your best without taking up much room.

Mints and Fragrance

Not many people are into a stinky stripper, though there is a market for everyone. Hygiene is very important. Chewing gum looks very tacky and a lot of clubs won’t allow it both for their image and preservation of their furniture. Mints are a safer option.

Isaac Hayes once said ‘If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears’. Read: Smell good, then they are more willing when you take their money!


Every dancer’s worst nightmare is their little monthly friend arriving mid-shift. If you don’t take precautions and somebody doesn’t take pity on you, your only option is to go home. Being naked when you are on that time of the month gives no alternatives to the situation. Nail scissors help deal with the string and makes sure the customer doesn’t see more than they paid for. Don’t end up in an excruciatingly embarrassing situation.

Simple first aid kit

You don’t have to carry out resuscitation on a night at work with this referral to a first aid kit. By this I mean, plasters for blisters and paracetamol/ibuprofen for small aches and pains. Headaches caused by loud music or smoky clubs and muscle cramps can all impact your ability to work. In a commission job this can lose you a nights money when a mild painkiller could have fixed it. Obviously, medical help and caution is recommended for serious pains and injuries. However, if it is a passing issue then don’t lose out.

Don’t lose out

These stripper essentials are important because they can make all the difference between you feeling comfortable, confident and ready to take on the club and wanting the ground to swallow you up. This all translates to earnings and money. Don’t make rookie mistakes and lose out, by being ill prepared without simple, cheap items.

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Author: Rochelle

I am a UK based, owner of an international stripper recruitment agency called Showgirls International. I have over 10 years club experience worldwide. When I think I have seen it all, something proves me wrong and that is what keeps me on my toes and fascinated with the industry!