Stringfellows dancer opens up about her £250k-a-year job: ‘You feel sexy’

Stringfellows star Samantha Bailey tells us about her life as a stripper

Peter Stringfellow will always be remembered for his contributions to the strip industry.

Many have paid a tribute to the Sheffield born star and some of his former workers spoken about the privilege of working for him.

Stringfellows dancerIn Samantha Bailey’s book called Stripped: A Life of Strip and Tease in Clubland, the former star revealed what it was like to work at “Strings”.

Here, we reveal some of her most surprising memories.

At the very start of her career, Sam was concerned by the “mean” attitude of some of the punters.

And despite the general perception that strippers are “dutiful”, the rising Stringfellow star soon learned how to wrap them around her little finger.

It didn’t take long for Sam to earn the admiration of wealthy clients who became her regulars. One of them was believed to be an MP.

He showered her with money and took her to Ascot to bet on the royal races.

250k-a-year-job“He loved us ­frittering away a tiny portion of his wealth, he loved us getting tipsy on his ­champagne and loved that he could do that, Sam recalled.

“Looking back, it was one of the ­nicest days of my life.”

At her peak, Sam was earning around £250,000 a year.

Her job gave her the financial freedom she was dreaming about for years and allowed her to move into a posh North London flat without having to worry about money.

The dancer also spent thousands on grooming and meals out.

She claimed hers wasn’t even the biggest earnings in the industry as some of her colleagues made a fortune by offering “extras” to wealthy clients.

Stringfellow strippers

“I spent £50 a day on cabs, I ate every meal out and easily spent a grand a month on grooming, Sam confessed.

“When I got home, I’d flop on the sofa and money would literally fall out of me – all night I’d been stuffing notes in my garter, in my bra, in my knickers, in my boots.

“The notes were sweaty, they were crumpled, they had phone numbers scrawled on them.

“But they were all legal tender – and they were all mine.”

Contrary to the beliefs of many that the industry is abusive and exploitative, Sam believes that it is the dancers who are in power.

“Women who have never danced find it difficult to understand it’s incredibly empowering, she said.

“When you see the hunger in their eyes to glimpse a teeny, tiny bit more than you are showing them, you know you have total control.

“When you feel wanted like that you feel sexy.

“And when your garter starts to bulge with £20s and £50s you feel as hot as can be.”

After spending a decade in the industry, Sam decided to quit stripping and start her own business but will always remember her days as a stripper as the golden days of life.

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