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When Steve and Kate Baxendale bought the building that they were going to turn into Goodfellas, Kate who is one of my closest friends invited me along with her to see how some of the other clubs in different areas operated. One night while out at one of these clubs I realised that I could easily dance and that I would definitely enjoy it, so I immediately started.


Name: Lindsey Shenton
Age: 21
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Nationality: British
Education: Studied to become a beauty therapist
Booking Agent: Kate Baxendale – Tel: 07815 777 666

How was the first time for you on stage?

The first time on stage for me was easy and I really enjoyed it. I´m very flamboyant and love to be the centre of attention and with my outrageous, colourful outfits I definitely was the ‘Star Attraction´.

What´s the best part of being a striptease dancer? And for how long will you continue?

I love dancing full stop! Any type of dancing and I love dressing up and being glamorous. I also enjoy the part where I socialise with the crowd. Although I love the profession I don´t think that I will be in it much longer as I´ve got bigger plans!

How do you look at the striptease industry in Europe, and the directions it´s going to?

I think that the industry is growing dramatically and in this day and age it´s really becoming a profession and not a seedy job where people use to look down at you for what you did. There are a lot of well educated glamorous girls in the industry now, giving it all together a better outlook and reputation.

What are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future! Well my plans eventually are to become a rap artist ‘Glamour´ I´ve recently recorded a rap that I wrote called ‘Welcome to womanhood´ and a local production team are going to launch it. They love it and said it´s going to be a great hit, so watch out for it. Singing is my great passion and closely followed by dancing which makes a great combination.

What do you have to say to a girl, who wants to get into this industry and become a striptease dancer?

The first thing that I would say to a girl starting in the industry is ‘BE CAREFUL´. Get advice from experienced dancers about the clubs you want to work in, make sure they are well run and if you can, always try and travel to and from the club with another dancer or friend.


What do you enjoy about your work?

I love the work I do as I said before I love dancing. I adore dressing up in outrageous outfits, I´m very outgoing and upfront, and I love the attention when I´m up on the stage, being the centre of attention is great and don´t let any other girl deny it!


Tell me about your first night on the job. How old were you and how did you like it compared to now?

I started dancing in April 2003 so I´ve not been in the industry long, but in that short space of time I´ve learnt so much. I did take to it very well, I wasn´t nervous at all but in some ways very naïve. Now I don´t take any rubbish from the customers and I really know how to work the crowd.

Who has taught you the most about your craft and what was the best advice you were given?

I´ve received lots of advice from experienced girls and I now try and pass that onto the new girls I meet. Kate and Steve have given me some advice – just to be myself – mad, colourful and friendly and also not to take the customers comments to heart. I always try to remember that what one man likes in a woman, another man might hate.

What is the best compliment you´ve ever received from a customer?

The best compliments I´ve had are: “You´ve just come out of my dreams” and “Who has plucked the stars from the skies and put them in your gorgeous eyes!” YUK!

What is your favourite role-play you´ve ever done to satisfy a guest?

I love dressing up and the most recent one was dressing up as a French maid ‘Ooh-la-la´, but I did have a bit of difficulty doing the accent.

Last comment

Look out for Lindsey Lou because I´m the girl whose going to put the R into Rap, definitely the G back into Glamour and the good fun into Goodfellas Gentlemen´s Club!

Goodfellas Gentlemen´s Club will officially open in Sheffield on 2nd April 2004. For advance bookings/corporate or private membership, please contact Kate Baxendale on 07815 777666 for more information or visit the website.

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