Attempt to set up a Spanish based Miss Stripper Europe competition

Talking of Spain the attempt to set up a Spanish based Europe wide  Miss Stripper competition { as reported in strip-magazine in November 2004 seems to have failed but the Spanish version of the competition held it’s local final at the D’Angelo Palace near Malaga in November.
Problems at the former FYEO Mayfair club in London which changed hands and was renamed “Puss in Boots” a few weeks ago as reported in this column. Apparently they overlooked the need to apply for a licence under the new system by a given deadline and so currently have no PEL and so had to close for business at the end of October. They will now have to apply for a new licence and it’s highly likely that given it’s stated attitude Westminster council will turn it down. They can of course the appeal but the licensing system is brand new and it will be very interesting to see how this one develops.

More news of Gerald Simi’s new club Rembrandt’s mentioned in last month’s column, it’s in Tooley St near London Bridge station just to the south of the city and scheduled to open early in December. Unusually for a London club it opens at 5pm and already has web site The Venus club now includes a virtual tour on it’s web siteI understand West End club Sophisticats has got a 5am licence out of the new system.

News of a new “ TnA” { formerly Rainbow} strip pub called Alexander’s opening Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Brentwood, Essex. A new club called “ Paradise” has opened in Reading see  only 1day a week at present. Entertease strip pub the Flags has had to shut hopefully temporarily due to corrupt Police action in the benighted town of Slough.
The “Booby sisters “ Tania Amazon and Laura Hawkins held a sponsored booby flash by the London Eye on the 14th of November raising over £4,500 for breast cancer charities. On line donations can be made via www.justgiving.comuntil the end of the month.

I hear that long time London stripper ex Browns Kerry Gold is retiring from the pub scene at Christmas this year

The new Stringfellow’s Dublin club is set to open on December 7th. Tassle twirling superstar Immodesty Blaize is appearing as a mentor in the TV series “ Faking it” over the Christmas holidays.

Southend club “ Bentley’s” has apparently been renamed “ Muse” though it is still operating in the same way. News to me of a club called “XS” in Hastings which has been having lap dancing nights for several months now and is applying for an extended licence under the new system.

The Miss Pole Dancer world final held in Amsterdam on the 11th of November was won by Rieko Suemune of Japan 1st and Tammy Morris of Canada 2nd. The UK entrant Elena Gibson actually won on the night but was apparently bizarrely disqualified after the competition for taking clothes off during the performance by the organisers. Details of the UK’s 2006 contest can be found via

1ST, Japan, 2nd Canada

There is still a rush of new venues opening throughout the country especially in the few larger places which still don’t currently have a club. In Coventry an application has been made to turn the Red Bar in the City Arcade into the city’s first lap dance venue, in nearby Rugby it looks as though the proposed “Club Midas” mentioned in this column earlier in the year will be resurrected after all.

Late November saw the opening of Platinum, Chester’s first club and a topless bar called the New Globe Inn in Lowestoft. A club called Cloud 10 will be the first to open in Tamworth. Stockport club High Society closed down as reported last month but now has re-emerged as a 2nd club { private members only}in Oldham, Lancashire called Players which opened on November 10th

The old Fantasy Bar in Aberdeen which shut earlier in the year has been re-opened as Teazers , Cambridge’s first club Cellar Bar 8 now has a web site

The Preston club “ Perfect 10” is sponsoring the local wheelchair basketball team the Lancashire Bulldogs for the coming season.

In Europe the first Private club opened successfully as planned in Bucharest Romania during October in a major media event involving local diplomats, celebrities, and royalty. A 2nd club will open in Barcelona in before the end of 2005 and a 3rd club is scheduled for Berlin early in 2006. The group retains a serious interest in London and expects to open a club here soon.

Former London scene regular Rebecca Jessop has set up an agency based in Marbella, Spain to supply stag shows etc

The proposed club in Sutton has created a great deal of opposition locally for some reason and will almost certainly be turned down by the council though the owners have stated that they are prepared to appeal.

Talking of Spain the attempt to set up a Spanish based Europe wide  Miss Stripper competition { as reported in strip-magazine in November 2004} seems to have failed but the Spanish version of the competition held it’s local final at the D’Angelo Palace near Malaga in November.


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