Thurst Lodge has had it’s license taken away

Christian fundamentalists at the nearby church were celebrating the fact that the “Thurst Lodge” {Oxford’s only club} has had it’s license taken away using the idiotic new law

. The owners Greene King are going for a judicial review as the only way to stay in business, if they carry this out and win it could have positive implications across the whole country. Apparently “Mist” in Hounslow {which only opened just before Christmas} has shut as the owner felt that the council would not grant him a “sex encounter” license. Strikes me that his due diligence before opening a brand new club left something to be desired!

The trouble prone “Diamonds and Pearls” club in Henley has the Police objecting to a new license. The Police seem to be following a lead from the likes of local Councillor Barry Wood who has run a campaign against the club quoting “facts” from Lilith and various other fictional studies to justify his prejudices.

In contrast Watford club “Beavers” has got one of the new licenses despite a massive 3 {2 by the same person} objections ! The “Stir” club in Epsom went 1 better and got no objections at all to the renewal of it’s license.

License fees continue to vary alarmingly across the UK,  Bournemouth has granted all it’s clubs new licenses while raising the annual fee from £150 to £7,000. Leeds on the other hand has actually reduced it’s fee from £3,271 to £2,300 after protests from a sex shop chain. Hillingdon’s fee is apparently to also be £2,300.
Police are involved in a “crackdown” to reduce the number of ordinary venues that feature strippers during the Cheltenham national hunt festival, in the past there have been 6 venues for the full week as well as the “Blue Rooms” which is a full time fully licensed strip club.

Jo KingDespite all the furore new venues continue to open. The “Chy and Koola Bar” in Newquay has been granted a license to open a full time lap dancing club making 2 in the town this summer. I understand a new strip pub called  ”Albertines” in Lewisham has started also another called the “Swan” in Stanwell, Middlesex.

Founder of the London school of striptease and ex dancer of note Jo King {left} is to star as host of the Burlexe shows normally put on at the Bethnal Green Working Man’s club during 2011. Talking of Burlesque the Hurley Burley girls are appearing for 2 months at London’s Garrick Theatre in the west end finishing on the 1st of May and have received good reviews in the papers I read so far.

ChiquiEx Coverdancer Chiqui now moved to the Canary Islands featured on the cover of the Time Out guide to adult London in Match {right}.

I hear unconfirmed rumours that the theatre group that took over the “Queen Anne” in Vauxhall has hit financial trouble and it may revert back to a strip pub in the summer.


A bouncer called Stephen Brewer was prosecuted for claiming disability allowance while working at the “Diamonds” club in Bolton.

Crusaders v Sharks rugby union match

The Platinum Lace club near Leicester Square organised the after match party for the Crusaders v Sharks rugby union match as part of a fund raising effort for the Christchurch earthquake.




Silks lap dancing club wins license renewal

Angels club Leicester has been refused a new license after claims that lap-dancers ‘touched and fondled’ customers

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