CoverJock launches Internationally


CoverJock launches Internationally following unparalleled success in UK Gentlemen’s Clubs

Gentlemen’s Club Expo 2011 in Las Vegas, USA use CoverJock for Expo and Party Music, Announcements and DJ requirements



August 2011 – CoverJock, the most successful full entertainment system at Gentlemen’s Clubs in the UK, is now being launched Worldwide.  CoverJock is a unique system that automates the DJ, announcer and music requirements at Gentlemen’s Clubs for a fraction of the cost of a live DJ.  The formal global launch event is at the Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo in Las Vegas on August 21-24.

CoverJock is the perfect answer to the DJ problems clubs regularly experience. A complete automated solution, CoverJock never calls in sick, turns up late, fails to turn up at all, requires a holiday or just has an off night.  Best of all it gives venues a great atmosphere, working just as well in quiet or busy periods and never argues with the dancers.   It provides everything a live announcer/DJ does but without mistakes and never forgets to plug the club’s current promotions.

CoverJock is much more than just a system that plays music and makes some announcements, it will actually help maximise profitability by reducing or eliminating DJ costs whilst increasing revenue from special offers and promotions

.  CoverJock provides a turnkey Gentlemen’s Club solution, from the seamless professional DJ style music management, dancer stage calls, intros, outros and promotions through to the remote control handheld touchscreen computer that puts the club owner or the floor manager back in control and will help organise and simplify the way organisations run their Club.  CoverJock reports daily to management on the dancers working, their schedules, the dances performed, number of private dances, duration and much more.

Already hugely successful in the UK, where over 50 Gentlemen’s Clubs are now using CoverJock since its launch 6 months ago, UK club owners have reported a significant increase in revenue since installing the system simply by using the automated promotions, having consistent stage show performances and running exciting interactive shows for Stag and Birthday groups.  CoverJock is installed, up and running in a club very quickly with no fuss and only costs the owner a small monthly charge with no long term contracts.

Harvey, the owner of ANGELS Gentlemen’s clubs in the UK commented “THANK YOU for CoverJock… it’s awesome! Your product has saved us a huge fortune over all of my clubs. We will never go backwards”

and Stephen Bruce, the owner of the FRENCH PUSSY CAT CLUB in Soho, London added “CoverJock goes beyond the capabilities of a live DJ”

To date many clubs have considered a live DJ to be the best way to run an evening.  If required, CoverJock can be controlled by a live DJ, but when Auto DJ mode is turned on, CoverJock continues seamlessly “covering” the DJ.  Whether a club’s favourite DJ records their own announcements or the club uses the professionally produced recordings that are part of the system, CoverJock is simple and produces happier dancers, floor managers/markers and owners as soon as it is turned on.

In fact CoverJock is so flexible and so cost effective that club owners often have to see it to understand all the numerous ways it will help improve service, increase revenues and reduce costs

.  Thousands of North American club owners will experience CoverJock at the launch as the organisers of the Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo have decided to replace the DJ, announcement and music for all the stage shows and parties at the Expo with the CoverJock entertainment system!

As part of the Global launch of CoverJock this new system is being guaranteed, when installed and used appropriately in a Gentlemen’s club, to reduce the club’s costs immediately, increase their revenues, eliminate a lot of hassle for the mangers/owners and improve the customer experience or clubs are able to get their money back for all the costs of the CoverJock software.   As George White, Owner of WHITES GENTLEMEN’S CLUB in London, UK stated “I now have a DJ seven nights a week for what I use to pay for one night”

CoverJock has now proven itself as the next generation automated DJ and entertainment for Gentlemen’s Clubs throughout the world.

The worldwide launch coincides with the appointment of regional authorised representatives for CoverJock in the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, South Asia and the company is currently adding many further regional representatives.


CoverJock uniquely uses crowd management to retain customers through the evening and enhance a clubs atmosphere no matter how busy or quiet the club is.  Alistair Watts owner of the BAR 95 in High Wycombe, UK summed CoverJock up “My voice-overs were loaded into CoverJock within the hour. I have personally managed our stage shows for over 15 years, CoverJock now seamlessly manages all stage performances giving me more time to attend to other areas of the business.”   The revolutionary CoverJock experience can be understood further by reviewing the additional information available at


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About CoverJock 

CoverJock is a next generation automated DJ that announces girls on and off stage, makes general announcements, runs promotions and up sells all Gentlemen’s Club facilities.   Management & Statistic reports are sent directly to management’s phone or by email at the end of each session keeping them up to date with accurate dancer information – including commission owed, time in/ time out and top earner reports enabling them to recognize trends and identify areas for improvement.  In addition the system manages all of the music played perfectly, uses crowd management to retain customers through the evening and enhance a clubs atmosphere no matter how busy or quiet the club is and all this for a fraction of current DJ costs.

Play selected music in your sequence

Automatically ban songs dancers may bring in

Pre-recorded professional DJ voice-overs

Call dancers to prepare to dance/stage shows

Allow dancers to pick their music to dance to

Instantly book dancers out for private shows

Automate intros and outros for dancers

Improve the ambience during quiet periods

Play pre-recorded special offers, promotions or special stage shows at pre-set intervals

Daily statistic reports direct to your phone

And so much more…

For more information, please contact:

European contact: Saxon Company  • Tel: +47 22100700 • [email protected]

Marketing Department, CoverJock UK Ltd • The Business Centre • Edward Street • Redditch • B97 6HA • UK

Tel: +44 (0) 845 680 0014 • [email protected] •

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