Glasgow council’s attempt to remove the license for Seventh Heaven was turned down

Glasgow council’s attempt to remove the license for the Seventh Heaven club because of a very non explicit flyer was turned down and branded “absurd” by the Sheriff in a court judgement

. Another triumph for “crackpot” Coleman  who has previously wasted ratepayers money by {unsuccessfully as usual} taking his own planning committee to court over granting a lap dancing club a license and then commissioned the idiotic council funded Bindel report in a futile attempt to invent facts to justify his bigotry!Broxbourne council has banned strippers from limos {though who that will affect is not clear} and Fulham and Hammersmith council is looking to take powers to “ stop the spread of lap dancing clubs in the borough”, the only club actually there being Secrets which has been open nearly 15 years.
Sensible Scots seem to be fighting back though, an ex dancer who has just completed a PHD on the industry called Sarah Vernon {right} is now campaigning to stop the likes of “crackpot” imposing his views on the rest of Scotland. Scottish club owners are also threatening to sue half wit MSP Sandra White for branding lap dancers as prostitutes despite the lack of any evidence beyond the discredited Blindel report. It has prompted them to form a new outfit called the Association of Licensed Scottish Adult Entertainment venues to try to protect the industry from prejudice, bigotry, and distortion.

A further attempt by “La Salsa” in Huddersfield to re-open after the raid earlier this year has been turned down by the local council but “Players” in Derby reopened in the middle of June.
The appearance of Dita Von Tease {here left celebrating 10 years of Virgin Atlantic serving Las Vegas by providing the logo for the aircraft} at a council funded art gallery in Bristol is still causing controversy amongst the hard of thinking out west.

Despite the impact of the looming new legislation and various other council crackdowns new clubs continue to open across the country at a surprising rate with several clubs opening 2nd or more branches. The 5th in the “Baby Platinum” chain opened in central Derby 10 of June. They also have clubs in Manchester, leeds and 2 clubs in Shefield.

The long established “Urban Tiger” club in Northampton has opened a sister club in Bristol bringing that cities contingent up to 5 clubs now. The “Little black book” club in Hartlepool has permission to open a new branch in Sunderland above the old “Kula” bar and hopes to be in operation in August.

The relatively new club called “Peaches” in Bournemouth {mentioned previously in this column } now has a web, as has “Sins” in Brixton . The “Fantasy Lounge” club in Swansea {sister to the Cardiff club} also mentioned in the past has now finally got all permissions to open from the council.
Blackpool, which is one of the very few topless only towns left in England and has seen a steep decline in club numbers {from 10 down to 3} over the last couple of years, has had an application to convert the former Riley’s snooker club into the towns first full nude club to be called “Cloud Nine”.

The application for an unnamed club in Marlborough Crescent , Newcastle mentioned in last months column has been accepted by the council despite objections from the gay quarter. An application to open a club in the former “Boujee Rooms” , Broad Street, Birmingham has been made.

Talking of Cardiff the council there has said it will introduce the “sex encounter” laws and has just turned down a new application to open a club on a boat in the river called {wait for it !} the “HMS 69” .

There has also been a rush of new Promises venues in and around London opening including the “Remix” at Woking on Tuesday and Thursday nights, the “Jolly Woodman” in Slough on Wednesday evenings, and the “Plaisted wine house” in Woolwich on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

Peter Stringfellow is taking the French owner of the nightclub in Paris which is licensed to use his name and format to court over unpaid royalties. Another legal dispute was settled in the month with ex Windmill manager Peter Batkin being convicted of defrauding another of boss Oscar Owide’s ventures Bentley’s restaurant for £300k.

This year’s ET0 show and awards ceremony is set for July 4th this year.


It’s emerged in the Sunday Times that estate agents say that the flats above Spearmint Rhino’s flagship London club have become very popular with single women due to the excellent late night security the doormen there provide. Rather contrasts with the “makes women feel unsafe” line parroted by the likes of Object.
The England rugby union team touring Australia apparently enjoyed a trip around Sydney harbour where the yacht owner had apparently very thoughtfully laid on some strippers {left}.
BP are being sued by the “Mimosa Dancing Girls “ club of New Orleans as it’s claimed that the oil spill out there has badly affected the earnings of the fishermen who make up the clubs regular clientele.

It was reported that 2 customers were knifed in the “Medusa” club in Birmingham in June though locals are keen to point out that despite a shooting of 4 people the previous week at a conventional club the nightlife area of the city is safe.


Reasons to be cheerful

John Shayler owner of the Junction 9 club has been granted a license to open another club “Ju

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