Sex encounter law to be introduced in Scotland

While the new “sex encounter” law only applies in England and Wales there are moves afoot to introduce similar laws to make the closing down of trouble free clubs easier in Scotland

An MSP called Sandra White {Scots Nats} is leading this nonsense in the Mickey McMouse parliament while Glasgow council’s James “crackpot” Coleman has already indicated that given the chance he will fulfil his life’s ambition and use it to close down all the clubs in the city. Glasgow council seems to have been on a quest to shut down it’s existing clubs for a couple of years using the existing laws and in May it won a case against Platinum Lace  at the Sherriff’s court and apparently has another against Seventh Heaven due in the next month or 2. Both clubs remain open at present while the appeal process continues.
I understand that officers of Hackney council {a byword for incompetence and corruption} have been visiting the some of the strip pubs in that borough {which have been open for 15 to 40 years} telling them that they are going to close them down for no reason other than that they can under the Harperson laws.
Cornwall council have agreed to visit several lap dancing clubs at public expense across the country as “fact finding” before considering their position under the new laws much to the amusement of several newspapers. Actually I think if it’s done with an open mind it’s a good idea to have a look at what you propose to close down first.

An application to convert a warehouse in Marlborough Crescent, Newcastle into a lap dancing club has created opposition as it is felt to be in the gay quarter of the town

. An application to start lap dancing nights at the “Niche Bar” in Staines has been withdrawn. The “Buffalo Lounge” in Leeds {which incidentally has just been fined for not having a PRS license} is up for sale, as is the former “Too hot to handle” in Blackpool. The “Players” club in Derby was closed in May by the council after license breaches but hopes to re-open soon after agreeing some changes. In Southend which has lost a couple of venues recently the “Corucopia” has started having girls on Weds/Thurs nights and a new lap dancing club call “Sunset” has also opened.
Apparently 66 year old Cilla Black is to play a stripper in the next series of the hit comedy series “Benidorm”, quite possibly inspired by that “ex dancer” Object used to produce at meetings to condemn lap dancing clubs!


Ex dancer Dawn {famous in her performing days for using magic tracks in her act} has stepped down from running the Angel’s Exotic agency

, the agency and web site are to continue but run by others. Dawn  has recently invented a devise called the ToZo for attaching glasses to clothing and will continue with this project.

The “3 squirrels” pub in Kent now has a web as has the Victoria in Hayes
Dr Teela Saunders of Leeds University generated quite a bit of publicity last year by advertising for a Research Assistant for a project on lap dancing, she has now started and has set up an online survey for dancers and ex dancers . The dancers can be anonymous if required and it looks like a good way of taking current opinion on the scene.
Top UK nude model of the 50s and 60s the legendary Pamela Green  who also appeared at several of the Soho strip clubs of that era died in May aged 81.

The video for new Artic Monkey’s single “Bright or Better” was filmed at Stringfellow’s and features some of the current dancers there.
A woman called Natalie Green of Plymouth has been given an interim Asbo which amongst other things stops her from Pole and Lap dancing !
Apparently Tia Brodie {who is in Britain’s Got Talent see last month’s column} is planning a book on her experiences as a pub stripper and porn star next year.

The implementation of the new “sex encounter” laws

No sex please we are Hackney council

The risqué burlesque style New York cabaret The Box is opening in London

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