Sex encounter laws came into force on April 6th

As planned the new sex encounter laws came into force on April 6th just beating the dissolving of parliament before the looming general election

. While it seems highly likely that the architects of this nonsense { eg Harman author of “Blair’s Witches Project”} will be swept from power I suspect that the law is here to stay. The next question is what actual effect it will have given that over 70% of local authorities either did not want it or could not be bothered to respond. However given pressure from local busybodies and press I suspect that most councils will be unable to resist extending their powers.


Some like Hackney have already announced that they intend to close down their pubs {which in their case have actually had a “sex encounter” license for several years } some of which have operated without problems for over 40 years. More sensible councils like Slough have decided not to introduce the new license. Those that do apply the law will start to have an impact by this time next year.
The new law applies only in England and Wales but an MSP Sandra White who sits in the parliament in Edinburgh tabled a motion to allow councils in Scotland to impose similar arbitrary limits up there but it got voted down.


A burlesque troupe in Carlisle has raised a petition to their MP against the new law as it has started to reduce the number of venues they can perform in.

A first venue in Solihull called Honey Club opened in just before Christmas unspotted by me see . The  Platinum Lace chain owned by ex Spearmint UK MD Simon Warr is opening a prestige new 9,500 sq ft club right in the centre of London where the old Orchid club was. I understand that a 6th club will be added to the chain in the near future. A new club in Norwich called Sugar and Spice opened in May. The new Tiffany’s in Torquay {run by the management of the old Exeter club of the same name} has opened as was mentioned in previous columns

The “Muse” club in Southend which has operated under various names for around 10 years has now closed. I understand also that Minx Gloucester’s only club has also closed. The “ Shadow Lounge” in Weston super Mare has regained it’s license {lost after a Sun expose a few months ago } and plans to re-open on June 1st. An application to re-open “La Salsa” {closed after various problems as reported in various columns}in Huddersfield has also been made.
Actor Kiefer Sutherland  was photographed being thrown out of Stringfellow’s in London after drunken misbehaviour in the middle of the month.


An interesting hotel called the “Mystique” in Gloucester  has started having regular strip nights on Fridays together with a range of other events {fetish, gay etc} for the rest of the week.

In the popular talent show Britain’s Got Talent Tia Brodie  got through to the 2nd round as a fire eating, stripping, singer she is though also a well known stripper working for the Entertease agency in a wide range of pubs in the south east.

The May bank holiday weekend saw the 23rd annual “ Night of the Senses” ball which includes the erotic awards and is now part of the London sex weekend.


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