The first “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club” in the UK will open in the former FYEO

The first “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club” in the UK will open in the former FYEO Croydon during September with Flynt himself coming over for the opening. US giant Spearmint Rhino has merged with adult film maker Ninn Worx to form a new company Ninn Worx SR Inc with the idea of creating the biggest adult entertainment company in the world and using contracted porn superstars both for film and within the clubs.


Brighton town council is trying to put together a pressure group amongst straight laced local authorities to try to get legislation passed to give council’s greater powers to stop lap dance clubs opening. In depressed casino free Blackpool the council there is talking about passing a law to stop any new clubs opening though at this stage none of the existing clubs will lose it’s license.

At the same time gang of Fem Nazi’s called Object has been given a grant by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust to start a campaign to stop the licensing of lap dancing clubs in the UK completely. Previous Object campaigns have involved earth shattering issues like trying to get Lads mags like Loaded and FHM and newspapers like the Daily Star taken off newsagent’s shelves, let’s hope this latest one is just as big a success.
Punch Taverns have applied to convert Clerkenwell pub Deux Beers into a lap dancing venue.I understand that long time strip pub the Kings Arms at Acton has changed hands and no longer does striptease. The club LA Confidential in Ealing is having a major pole dance competition called “Pole Idol” in November. The new FYEO Brighton club {the town’s 5th} is to be located in Pool Valley near the coach station there. Landlady Denise D’courtenay celebrates 30 years at the Queen Anne, Vauxhall on September 29th.


In response to the recent arrival of Diva’s Newquay’s other club Tall Trees has been granted a full nude licence. Talking of that part of the world it has emerged that newly elected Lib Dem councillor Myrna Bushell from Bideford in Devon also works as a stripper! Also a pub called the Beehive in Helston, Cornwall is introducing topless dancers.

The application for a first club in historic Durham, ”The Loft” mentioned in last month’s gossip, created quite a bit of opposition including some illogically from the local police but was passed anyway for 3 nights a week by the local authority. Mansfield’s first club “The Penthouse” opened on August 16th. Newcastle’s 4th club {and the first one not owned by the Ladhar/FYEO organisation} to be called the “Officer’s Deck” in Mosley St mentioned in July’s column now has a license and should open later in the year. A first club called “Midnight” has won a license to open in Wellington near Telford. A new male strip show called “Knobby’s Lounge” is now operating 2 nights a week in Blackpool.

The former snooker club in Leamington Spa mentioned in last month’s column has now got a license and expects to open in October.

I understand that the rapidly expanding “Wildcats” chain has acquired the massive former Spearmint Extreeme in Birmingham as it’s 8th club in the UK and expects to open in November. Spearmint retain the adjacent “Rouge” club. Rugby’s only club “ Pink” has reopened after challenging a council suspension for rule breaches.

Scantily clad dancers going outside for a smoke at Coventry’s “Heat” club are causing some local consternation and it’s prompted the management there to order “smoking jackets” for them to wear! Apparently the historic SS Robin built in 1890 is being moved in Docklands to next door to the Majingo’s club much to the ire of patron Prince Phillip!

The famous “Vagueness” after hours club at the Edinburgh Festival this year features 2 top Burlesque striptease acts firstly Imogen Kelly from Australia  who uses a trapeze, and secondly Keda Breeze who does a fire show.


FYEO Croydon is to be re-branded as a Hustler club

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