Job centres can no longer carry adverts for vacancies as lap dancers or strippers.

The coalition minister involved, the gaff prone Chris Grayling, has decreed that Job centres can no longer carry adverts for vacancies as lap dancers or strippers.

The bizarre logic being that it may put pressure on the unemployed to take “sex industry” jobs and does not apply to jobs as bouncers, barmen, or cleaners in the clubs themselves. It’s largely a symbolic “crowd pleasing” measure which will have little impact as very few clubs have ever used Job Centres for dancer vacancies but given the state of the economy and rapidly rising unemployment it seems rather odd to me to exclude possible jobs in a perfectly legal industry amongst the options available.At the same time it’s also emerged that a fund used by social services has been used to pay for visits by disabled people to lap dancing clubs and even prostitutes in Amsterdam ! I think this is what Tony Blair used to call “joined up government”.


I understand that Denise D’Courtenay who was murdered late in July

as reported in last month’s column  was going to leave the Queen Anne  at the end of August to retire and that the freehold of the pub has been sold onto a Theatre company so the old pub will not reopen with dancers. The new owners will mean that after 50 years of operation it will no longer be a strip pub, it’s a particularly sad end to quite possibly the longest operating strip pub in London.

Talking of very long established strip pubs I understand that the owners of Browns and the Griffin sister and brother Denise and Wayne Chandler are splitting the 2 pubs up and each going their separate ways running one of them. Browns has been operated by the Chandler family since the 1970s the Griffin since the late 80s.


A small cafe called “ Alfie Blu’s”  in Burnham on Sea has created something of a stir locally by applying to put on occasional strip and topless waitress nights.

The “Boujee Rooms” club in Birmingham {mentioned in July’s column} has now got planning permission as well as a license and so should be opening soon.

The new laws are being debated by councils across the country and for the moment this seems to have generally caused a hiatus in new applications. There are though a number of clubs still opening having obtained a license earlier in the year, for example the 2nd “ Little Black Book” opened in Sunderland in mid August as planned. Another new club is “ Original Sin”  which opened in August in Southampton. I understand that the former “ Bentley’s” and “ Muse” club in Southend has re-opened once again this time as “ Sunset”.

The “Terminal 1” nightclub complex in Carlisle has gone into administration but the “Rouge” lap dancing bar which is part of it has stayed open. I understand that the “Sugar” club in Liverpool has closed but that another club in the same street with the unusual name of “ Moll Teasers” has opened.
A new regular series of Burlesque shows called “Swanky Panky” started at the Square Club, Clifton {Bristol} on August 26th. A show called “ An evening of Burlesque” is on at the prestigious Buxton Opera House on September 21st.

An actress called Hannah Chambers is presenting a comedy show called “Stripped” at the Edinburgh festival this year based on her experiences as a lap dancer.
The long established {opened in 2001} ST1 club in Stoke {right} is up for sale.

The “Hooters” chain of restaurants using scantily clad waitresses has now got permission to open 2 more units in Bristol and Cardiff and is looking for further expansion in the UK.

“ Caesar’s” club in Streatham {left}which was originally built in the 1920s but more recently hosted amongst other things the “Lap Attack” male strip shows is to be knocked down, the owner blaming late night pub openings for killing old fashioned nightclubs. All the elaborate fittings including the chariot over the entrance are up for sale.
“Shades” Leamington Spa’s only club now has a web site complete with blog
Yeovil dancer Carrie Ann Knight  was convicted of claiming benefits while working at Tiffany’s in Exeter.


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