Paul Raymond Look of Love

Paul Raymond Look of Love


The long awaited bio pic of Paul Raymond called the “Look of Love” staring Steve Coogan had a national release in the UK at the end of April. Talking of Raymond his granddaughter Shawn James has submitted plans to turn the old Revuebar {now the Box} back into a conventional theatre.

Leamington ClubLeamington club “Amara” {left} was smashed up in a raid when not open early in April. The whole place has been vandalised and hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage done Police are investigating. The other club in the town “Shades” is having it’s license challenged via a judicial revue prompted by a mixed bag of local religious loonies.

There seems to be lots of consultations on SEVs going on at present, the ones at Nottingham and Leeds have still not reported yet, another new one is in Exeter, Tower Hamlets are having {quietly} a second one although the result of the earlier one which closed in October 2011 has never been  announced . As well as the stealth consultation Tower Hamlets are trying to introduce the SEV laws in such a way as to make it easy to deny licenses. Bedford is also considering an unofficial ban under the pretext that no area in the town is “suitable”.

Paul Raymond the King of Soho

Kerri GoldFormer Browns star Keri Gold {right} appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in April, here with Simon Cowell and David Walliams.

 LolitaThe Queen Charlotte pub in Rochester has closed completely after being a strip venue for several years. Consternation in Southend where the venerable “Forrestors” {had strippers since the early 70s} will have no dancers on in April as it was unknowingly  too late applying for a new license which has also increased in cost to £7k. The other strip pub in town “Cornucopia” has had similar problems and the one {much renamed} club “Sunset” is I believe up for sale.

The “Vodka” bar in Shrewsbury has been given a license to operate weekly strip shows on a Thursday night for the next 12 months despite the usual opposition. Another new club gaining a license is “ Delicious” in Warrington.

I hear popular ex strip magazine coverdancer Lolita {left} is back in the UK for a while and will be appearing at places like the Nags Head.

The freehold of the complex which houses amongst other things “Wild Cherry” Newquay’s only remaining lap dance club is up for sale.

Sky are currently running a documentary series on Spearmint Rhino clubs. A much missed former strip pub the “Crown and Shuttle” in Shoreditch which closed in 2000 is reopening as a bar though sadly not with dancers, at least not initially.

A new organisation called Chica Bonita is to feature female strippers for lesbians and is having a launch at the long established “Legs 11” club in Birmingham on May 26th

The ST lounge in Wilmslow has been refused an SEV despite no reported problems in the past year, apparently the location is “unsuitable”. The long running Reddy/Sartori dispute at the Rocket club in Birmingham has now resulted in a ban for Broad Street manager Mike Olley contacting anybody connected with the club. “Angels” in Great Yarmouth is to close as the hotel above has succeeded in buying the freehold to reduce the noise for guests. An attempt to open a new club at the JB bar in Hastings has been turned down.

It’s emerged that UKIP candidate Karim Ayoubi for Abingdon is the manager of the  Urban Tiger club in Northampton. It’s also emerged that leader Nigel Farage visited a lap dance club in Strasbourg in the company of a French Presidential candidate ! This year’s “Erotic Awards” are to be held on May 17th.

The long awaited biopic of Paul Raymond staring Steve Cooghan


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