Simon Warr the UK CEO has Spearmint Rhino taking with him the 3 newest club

Big changes at US giant Spearmint Rhino, Simon Warr the UK CEO has left the group taking with him the 3 newest clubs {Brighton, Norwich, and Glasgow} in the chain while the remaining long established 6 clubs {Bournemouth, Colnbrook, London TCR, 2 in Birmingham, and Sheffield} remain with the US management. I understand that Simon Warr will be renaming his clubs in the near future and that John Gray intends to begin UK expansion again.


Very sad news is that Janice O’Hallaron boss of the North London based Entertease agency lost her long battle against cancer at the end of August.
The final reading in the Lords of the idiot lap dancing bill takes place in October and it is now facing growing opposition from Conservative and Lib Dem Peers who have finally realised how half baked, badly drafted, and unnecessary the whole thing is. Also the actors Union Equity has come out stronglyagainst the bill.
Not everyone has seen sense though, Haridan Harperson, on a visit to her local shops to demonstrate the complete control of the streets New Labour has achieved in 12 years of power} wants lap dance business expense claims banned and the Daily Mirror {the Sun for the Lobotomised} now wants lap dancing clubs banned completely . The latest word is that the new law will still require all existing clubs to re-apply.

The 2nd annual Lap Dance Association awards night has been set for FYEO City Road on November 4th .
Another X factor contestant Amie Buck has been “exposed” as a stripper by the press, she has got through the first round but apparently worked full time at Newcastle’s Blue Velvet club up to a few weeks ago.
The “Eleanor Rigby” Beatles themed hotel in Liverpool {subject of a reality TV show a few years ago} has applied to turn it’s basement bar into a lap dancing club. The Rotherham bar “Renoirs” has also applied for a lap dance license as has a bar called “Max 3 Stockers” in Stockwell south London. The 6th club in the Secrets chain is scheduled to open in the Covent Garden area in October. A first club called “Forbidden” has a license to open in Dewsbury.

A new club in the Old Market area of Bristol had applied to open despite local opposition. Southampton’s newest club “Glamour” now has a web site.

The full licenses for “Vogue” in Watford and “Paradise” in Hanley both mentioned in previous columns have both been approved by the local council. The long running saga of the “Music Palace” in Crouch End has continued and predictably the council has turned down the application for the usual spurious reasons.
The Basildon club “Katz” has obtained a license to hold civil weddings and held it’s first one during September.
There seems to be something of a clampdown in some places in the South West of England with “Temptations T2” in Plymouth being warned by the council about contact and “Diva’s” in Newquay reportedly having to have the dreaded 3ft rule.
The mad Glasgow council has banned the cities black cabs from carrying adverts for the 4 {legal} local clubs, so much for a free society! The latest charges against male strippogram Sergeant Eros in Aberdeen have once again been dropped.
Preston club Perfect 10 has been reprimanded for using this poster on the outside of it’s entrance.


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