Brakes put on the Stripper Mobile

Strippers in a box on the Las Vegas Strip. The mobile advertisement got plenty of local and national attention this week. It also grabbed the attention of our county commissioners. Now it appears the Stripper Mobile may be a thing of the past.


Effective Friday, the live entertainment display is no longer be in operation.

The marketing ploy was designed to attract new customers to the Déjà Vu and Little Darlings strip clubs. It was a plan marketing and advertising director for the clubs, Larry Beard, told us was good for business.

“We’ve seen quite a bit of extra business in the club. The crowd out on (the Strip) seems to love it – tourists clap and cheer.”

But not everyone was clapping and cheering. Aside from the partially nude women on a stripper pole, there was a bigger issue: safety on the Las Vegas Strip.


“Someone can turn for a brief second, swerve their car, drive up on the side walk and injure or kill a pedestrian,” Commissioner Steve Sisolak said.



Sisolak says he got plenty of calls from those opposed the mobile advertisement and those in favor.

“Most of them (in favor) were young college kind of guys.”

Early Friday afternoon, Sisolak says he got a call from the attorney representing the club owners.

“The attorney, Mr. Brown, gave me his word that it’s been officially decommissioned and will not be traveling up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, which I’m thrilled with.”

The Stripper Mobile issue may be settled for now, but the bigger picture will still go before the County Commission on Tuesday.

“I still want to clarify our code so that it won’t come up again,” Sisolak said. “Somebody else won’t come up with the same idea similar idea.”


Commissioners are not the only ones glad the brakes have been put on the Stripper Mobile.
Marla Letizia, president and CEO of Big Traffic Mobile Billboards, who in the past has been vocal about these type of advertisements, says Metro should have shut down the rolling strippers last week.

Letizia says they violated traffic laws and the owners just wanted publicity.

The attorney for the owners also tells his clients agreed it was a safety issue and didn’t put up a fight.

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