McDonalds in Swedish stripclub dispute

McDonalds argues that the sign used to invite patrons to “McDragans Drive
In!” strip tease bar in Edsvära near Falköping, is far too similar to its
own logo and have demanded that it be removed without delay.


“Were going to send him a letter. In our view this is clearly a breach of
our trademark,” McDonalds spokesman Claes Eliasson told The Local.

But the strip tease club owner, Dragan Bratic, denied that there was any

“The sign has nothing to do with McDonalds. It is two breasts with
nipples. Anyone can see that,” Bratic told Swedish online newspaper

When asked about the name McDragans, Bratic replied that the Mc in fact
stands for motorcycle and bears no relation to the Mc in McDonalds.

“Im not Irish, Im a Yugoslav. And I dont sell hamburgers, I sell live
striptease,” he insists.

But if Dragan Bratic does not take down his sign in the coming days, Claes
Eliasson warns that McDonalds will pursue the matter through legal

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