What to Say to The Customers To Earn So Much

Today we are here again with Jessica Simmonds. If any of you who do not know Jessica, She earns over £250,000 ($450,000) a year as a stripper. She has set up a website to teach girls how to make money in this industry. I really want to know what it is she says that make customers want to pay her so much……Let’s find out!


So Jessica, How has work been?

Jessica: Work has been great…as always there are dips, but there are so many men with so much money…you only ever need a few. If you know what to do, then it is still possible to earn so much money in this industry

So what is it you say to these customers to make so much money?

Jessica: When I meet a customer, I analyse them without being obvious of course and then I say things that I know will either interest them or excite them (not sexually). These techniques can be learned, but they will have to know what to look for in the guy and also analyse what he needs….you cannot say the exact same thing to every guy, but there are some general techniques that can be adapted depending on what the guy is like…this is why I know I can teach it to any girl. Most of the time it’s not what you say but how you say it…I also teach that.

In what situations do girls need to learn what to say?

Jessica: I have taught nearly 300 girls now and they ALL want to know what to say to the guys in the club in these circumstances….
i) How to break the ice and make a guy fall for you…even when they are not interested
ii) How and when to ask for a dance
iii) How to get more dances….what to say to get them to continue spending money
iv) What to say to guys to get them into the VIP room
v) What to say to keep them in the VIP
vi) How to get them to tip you generously

And you teach them all of this?

Jessica: Yes, I offer all this either in the book or via email training which they have with me directly. Most of the girls learn so much this way…I also send extra tips to keep them growing until they are really earning a lot.

Why do you teach these girls…don’t you make enough money?

Jessica: For me its not about the money, I struggled a lot and wish I had had a service like this. This is why my service is so reasonable. It’s so that every girl can afford it. Most girls will earn at least 10 times the amount in a week of using my techniques.

Thank you Jessica for you time.If you would like to get the book 7 Step Strip Success go to www.howtostripper.co.uk

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