LONG-running rivals Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are kick-starting their New Year with a bitter bitch fight.


Both are planning to launch their own chains of Las Vegas strip clubs.

Brit, 26, fell out with party loving Paris, also 26, last month after she gatecrashed her birthday celebrations.
And she is said to be further annoyed by Paris, who has been flirting with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, 29, at the Pure nightclub in Vegas.

Britney, who recently lost custody of her two sons to Kevin, has been in secret talks about a £40million project to launch her horny haunts across Sin City.


But business-savvy Paris caught wind of Brit’s plans and sprung into action.
Our Stateside spy said: “Britney was excited about this project for months and is really pissed with Paris that things have come to this.

“And that’s even before she heard Paris has been partying with Kevin.
“Britney has always thought of stripping as a bit like art – as a skill.


“So when some Vegas-based developers approached her about investing money into three exclusive strip joints, which she wants to call Toxic Heaven, she jumped at the chance.

“But then Paris heard about the plans through her younger sister Nicky, who is a hotelier, and jumped on the bandwagon.

“She wanting to open her own strip joints, calling them Shagadillic. Paris is now in talks with business developers about the idea and wants to involve Nicky to keep it within the family. She thinks they can trounce Britney.”
With a twist of irony, we can reveal it was Paris who first taught Britney how to strip,

Both went to painstaking lengths to ensure they didn’t clash at New Year’s parties.

And as 2008 begins with a bang, as far as Britney and Paris are concerned, it’s time for a serious Showdown.

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