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Strippers Love Wrestling at Lucha Vavoom

A Lucha Vavoom show is unlike any other. Some would consider it a wrestling show, which is primarily how it is promoted after all. Others might consider it a strip show, with some wrestling mixed in. The reality is a genuine mix of the two.

The power of burlesque-an exclusive interview with burlesque icon Raven Noir

Burlesque star Raven Noir Raven Noir, a burlesque icon and a powerful creative force in the UK art scene, sits with Letty today to discuss her inspiration behind her legendary annual show Burlesque Noir and her influence on modern burlesque L: Good afternoon Raven Noir. We are really honoured to have you with us today. RN: Good afternoon ...

Wheelchair burlesque aims to strip down stigma, sex up disability

Burlesque cabaret that includes wheelchair striptease Subjects related to sex can feel awkward for anyone, but when people with disabilities express their most intimate needs, it often feels unsurmountable. To break the taboos and free humanity from prejudices, a group of performers with disabilities will bare their hearts and bodies in a new ...