Polaris Pole Dancing School

Polaris Pole Dancing School


No, not a visit to your local poodle parlour, but a new dance school called Polaris Pole Dancing School. Operating in London and Essex, Polaris offers a service especially to strippers and professional performers. Pole Dancing to the Olympics
Director and founder of Polaris, Nico Blu, talks to Strip Magazine.
“When I set up Polaris I began to receive a lot of enquiries from performers, who were looking to maximise their earnings through burlesque and pole tricks”.Nico used to perform on the London scene, and has danced in some high profile clubs since 2003. Rock Stripper MishMish on Barbie Pagents and Pole Dancing
“When I first began to dance, I did not know how to move. There was no places or organisations that taught burlesque or pole, so I began by doing tableside dancing and would travel all over London to various studios that offered some sort of tuition in dance – from salsa to belly dance to ballet – I just wanted to know what could be sexy and enticing to an audience”.
Nico (real name Rebecca) is one of the best tableside and pole performers today. She mixes burlesque in to her routines and is known for her elegance and grace. When asked about her mix of clientele, she explains that she teaches pros and non pros. Spice girls have been training to include Pole Dancing in the show

“I teach everyone – from male performers and exotic dancers to those with self confidence issues or simply for those that want to get fit, tone up or lose weight. I am trained in health and fitness, and offer other classes, such as core stability, weight training for women and aerobic and step classes”.
Her favourite however, remains pole dance.
“Nothing beats it!” she laughs. “It’s an intense workout, and with a little bit of skill and tuition, it’s an art that will get you acknowledged and maximise your earnings”. Pole Dancing goes mainstream

Would she ever return to London’s night life? Nico Blu smiles, gracefully pulls her famous slender form in to some complex move that involves us drooling and Nico showing off her long legs.
“I never left – I’m always around and about” she smiles. “I’m the real deal – I have been there, done that, and know what the audience want – I just operate on the other side of the curtain now”.
Amen to that, Strip Mag thinks. We always appreciate a beautiful and talented dancer.
Nico Blu operates by appointment only and can be contacted via her website www.polarispoledancingschool.co.uk


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Author: Saxon

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