Local council is still demanding a sex encounter licence in Hackney

One of the so called advantages of the new system of licensing was supposed to be that the charges were set nationally and so should be consistent. This doesn’t seem to work in Hackney though where the local council is still demanding a “sex encounter licence “set locally although the various pubs had operated successfully without one for over 30 years

Over in Slough the council has finally dropped it’s objections to striptease at the Flags though the local police are continuing a vendetta against the owners by vowing to object to anybody they offer as possible licensees. The judge though decided that the council is responsible for the licence and I understand that striptease should re-start here again very soon. The last few months have been a complete waste of everybody’s time for no good reason, you would think that Thames Valley Police had better things to do with their time.

Gerard Simi’s new club Rembrandt on Tooley St got it’s licence in December but has met objections from a very unholy alliance of the bigoted Dean from nearby Southwark Cathedral and London Mayor Ken Livingstone who is a long time hater of striptease for bizzare left wing reasons going back to the time of Red Ted Knight and the looney left. The objections were overruled at court though it has emerged that the GLC contributed £4k of taxpayers money to this farcical waste of time. Serious work can now start on the club and it should now open in the next couple of months although Livingstone has said he will help fund any further legal action..

Of course there are other sorts of licence and Oscar Owide owner of Soho’s Windmill club recently fell foul of another type when a performing rights inspector found that the club was playing recorded music without an up to date PRL. He was ordered to pay £2,500 costs and banned from using music until all his licenses were up to date


The UK’s first club FYEO Park Royal has changed hands as reported last month and will be re launched soon as “ Route 66” after an extensive refit. Reading’s Brunnel club has been closed for redevelopment but I hear new venues in that town are imminent. Spearmint Rhino’s attempt to open a club in Norwich has run into council opposition. Talking of Spearmint there is a large promotion currently going on offering free passes, dances, and scratch cards

As in 2004/5 the turn of the year has seen an exodus of some of Brown’s most beautiful dancers like Anna and Elouise for a variety of reasons.

News of a new Angels Exotic strip pub called the Windsor Castle in Harrow Rd W9 though only 1 day a week at the moment.

Up in the European capital city of bigotry Glasgow James “ crackpot” Coleman deputy council leader fresh from wasting many £ thousands of ratepayers money on a ridiculous and totally unsuccessful court case against his own licensing committee has again been spouting nonsense about a proposed new club called Fuse in { wait for it !} Nelson Mandela Place.


An argument in the Buffalo Lounge in Leeds resulted in a man being shot outside after leaving the club.  Barmaid Irene Burke is currently involved in an unfair dismissal claim against Edinburgh bar Burke and Hare where she had been accused of stealing from the till. More 3rd world corruption out in West London where Hounslow council Leader Darshan Gerwal’s wife Gupreet has been applying for a lap dance licence for the Sandson Palais despite her husbands oft stated opposition to any other applications.

The DeJaVu nightclub in Luton has applied for a licence for lap dancing and will be renamed “Private Eyes”. A 2nd club in Stoke called “ I Kandi “ opened in Hanley on February 23rd .The new club in Doncaster which was to be called the “ Jockey club” has apparently run into trouble with the Horse racing ruling body of the same name ! It opened on March 16th called “ The Jockey’s “ { right} instead. An application to open a 2nd club in Derby called “ The Strand Club” has been made. Monthly lap dancing nights have started at a club called “Evolve” in Leamington Spa. Welcome news of a new fully licensed club opening in central Manchester in April to be called the “Boutique”.


The Showgirl of the year competition mentioned last month is set to have it’s final this year in the Hammersmith Palais on March 30th . The Miss Pole Princess { right} competition held at Flaunt in Bishop Stortford was won by Michelle Pullen who works for Pole Cats.


X factor finalist Chico is to star in a Full Monty type film about his previous career as a male stripper called {wait for it again !}“Lunchbox”. News of yet another Dublin club opening {I make that 9 now}in March called Secrets in Store St adjacent to the Irish Financial Services centre right in the centre. I understand this one has a Parisian feel and has burlesque type shows.

Talking of Dublin a mixed bag of religious bigots, xenophobes, and fem-Nazi’s are picketing the new Stringfellow’s Dublin club while apparently ignoring the other 8 in town.

Meanwhile Stringfellow’s in Paris has started an innovative new poster campaign using street lampposts made to appear as part of the poster.


Sex encounter law to be introduced in Scotland

Sex encounter laws came into force on April 6th

The implementation of the new “sex encounter” laws

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Author: Saxon

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