The US lap dancing group Spearmint Rhino which already has 6 clubs in the UK has failed in it’s latest bid to find premises in the East End of London

The US lap dancing group Spearmint Rhino which already has 6 clubs in the UK including one on Tottenham Court Road {the largest in the UK} has failed in it’s latest bid to find premises in the East End of London adjacent to the lucrative city market. It had chosen suitable premises Spots, Curtain Rd but could not agree a price with the owner and it is rumoured that the local council was against issuing another sex encounter license. Spearmint sees the UK market as wide open for its combination of glitz, chrome, and US style glamour and is certain to try again. The East End {Shoreditch and Hackney} has been the traditional home of strip tease for locals in London due to it’s combination of local wide boys and well paid city brokers and bankers looking for a bit of excitement.


A number of well known UK glamour models currently work in the East End of London examples include Capri Ashby {Browns see} and Sam Jessup {Metropolis see}.

One of the longest established East End venues the Metropolis of Cambridge Heath Road {which have had strippers on for over 30 years under several different names but the same management} is facing a crisis due to the fact it’s owner Steve Martin is soon to appear in court facing child sex offences. The case is certain to arouse considerable interest amongst the UK’s tabloid press as the child involved was the daughter on one of the girls working at Metropolis. If found guilty this will cost him both his liberty and his licence and could therefore see the venue either closing or changing ownership. It is thought that several of the groups of clubs in the UK {including Spearmint Rhino} will be interested in purchasing the place which has been extensively refurbished over the past 3 years and attracts a city based clientele.

The centre of striptease in the East End is in Shoreditch High Street quite close to the Liverpool Street railway terminal and adjacent to the city of London financial centre. The most successful strip pub in London Browns is based there and the trade that this establishment has generated over the years has drawn many others to open up nearby. At one point in 1999 there were 10 establishments within 5 minutes walk of Browns but due partly to licensing problems but also to various property redevelopments taking place this was reduced to 6 by 2001. The 6 have now become 5 with the closure of the Norfolk Village during the Christmas/New Year holidays. The Norfolk Village has closed as part of a London Underground tube system project.

Another centre for striptease in London is in the area around Heathrow Airport where there are several strip pubs and Spearmint has 2 smaller clubs. One of the longest established strip pubs in West London is the Woolpack in Hayes which in 1999 opened a table dance club called Inhibitions at the rear. This was not a success and was closed a few months later. It has though just reopened from Monday to Thursday evenings, it remains to be seen if this is any more successful this time.

The London strip message board on Yahoo is organising the 3rd annual Miss Shoreditch competition for the best stripper on the East End circuit. The previous 2 winners Ulrika and Lisa Anderson have both been Swedish but this Scandinavian domination looks like ending this year as both previous winners no longer work at the regular venues.

One of the potential winners this year is gorgeous Argentine Sabatini look alike Varona { runner up in the 2000 competition} who is going back home at the end of January for the first time in 3 years. Fans can expect her back in London in April. Varona features in the opening screen on the Browns web .

The owner of trendy conventional nightspots Browns and Limelight intends to open a lap dance bar based on Tony Soprano’s favourite the ” Bada Bing “. It will be based in the West End of London at as yet unknown venue.

Bill Tyke.

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