Man is taking Spearmint Rhino to court over £7,500 stripper bill on stag do

Spearmint Rhino taken to court

A drunken stag-party punter who spent one third of his annual salary on Spearmint Rhino lap-dancers in five hours has sued the club for taking advantage of his drunken state.

Spearmint Rhino taken to courtFitness centre manager Gil David, 34, drunk more than 30 alcoholic drinks during a 12-hour booze-up on a lad’s night out in Bournemouth.

The boozy punter had vodka, beer and lethal Jagermeister shots in the club when he blew one-third of his salary in just five hours enjoying the company of two lap-dancers at a time. Gil woke in his hotel the next morning to find a pile of credit card bills from the club amounting to £7,500 including £1,800 in tips for the dancers.

Mr David took Spearmint Rhino to a civil claims court on Friday claiming the club has “exploited” his drunken state.

Spearmint Rhino taken to courtRepresenting himself at Central London County Court, Mr David said : “I wasn’t in control of my faculties and didn’t realize what I was doing and what I was spending.

“I was coerced into spending what turned out to be a third of my salary in five hours.

“I’m not an oligarch or a footballer.”

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