Plans to open a new lap dancing club in Suffolk Road

A new lap dancing club will open in Suffolk Road

A new lap dancing club could soon open near Sheffield’s best known music venues.

Villa Mercedes lapdancing clubRockwave Leisure Limited has applied for a permission to open a new club called Villa Mercedes in Suffolk Road. The premises have already been rebuild to suit the new purposes of the venue, is a few doors down from the Leadmill and not far from the railway station.

The club has applied to open from midnight to 8am, seven days a week. Alcohol would be on sale until 7 am. If Villa Mercedes receives the council’s approval, it would be the second lap dancing club, alongside Spearmint Rhino in Brown Street.

Spearmint Rhino recently got its license renewed despite the numerous objections towards the application. And the new application has already attracted some opposition including Leadmill’s brand manager Elise Peacock.

New lap dancing club is opening in Suffolk Road“We are a 14-plus venue so we have a lot of under-18s coming to our gigs. And we are very popular so we do have queues going past it. We have concerns from a child protection standpoint.”, she says.

“It’s in the cultural industries quarter, where we already have the Spearmint Rhino, and we don’t need another lap dancing club”, she added.

“It’s probably the worst location in Sheffield they could have picked,” she added.

Ms. Peacock also pointed out that the building was in the ‘Gateway to Sheffield’ area and would be one of the first things many visitors saw. A blog post by campaign group Zero Option urged Sheffield residents to object to the plans. It said: “We strongly oppose this and all sexual entertainment venues in our city.”

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